SCOTLAND – DUMFRIES: Dumfries Community Acupuncture

Address of clinic:

Wellness Centre Dumfries
9 George St Meuse

Telephone: 07753 571212


Clinic email:

Practitioners: Lynda Sharp

Appointment system: booked appointments

Charge for first appointment/consultation: £20

Charge for follow-up appointments: £20

Treatments offered: Full body and ear acupuncture

Wellness Centre Dumfries is an established Acupuncture Centre located in central Dumfries.
It is run by Lynda sharp who has been an Acupuncturist and Chinese Herbal Practitioner for 26 years. She has identified that there is a need for an affordable provision of Acupuncture for people who rely on it to maintain physical, emotional and mental well being, and has recently set up Dumfries Community Acupuncture within the Wellness Centre.
People can access acupuncture for stress, anxiety and depression within a multi bed setting.
Lynda provides acupuncture to areas below the knee and elbow whilst the patients relax on reclining chairs.
She is assisted by Linzie who is a second year Acupuncture Student.