ACMAC outreach

ACMAC Outreach

Outreach for ACMAC – Role Description This person or team is genius at getting people inspired, starting discussion and so on. How might this inspiration be passed on? • Writing and publishing articles • Blogging • Using Facebook, Twitter and other social media to spread the word about the bigger picture, and also about smaller stories such as new clinics …

ACMAC membership secretary

ACMAC Membership secretary

Membership Secretary – Role Description New members Deal with inquiries from ACMAC members, or concerning membership Liase with treasurer about membership payments Process membership application forms and send out confirmation of membership Issue receipts for membership payments Create members’ Clinic pages on website, and update these as required Keep membership spreadsheet current Maintain the details of the member clinics on …

ACMAC event organiser

ACMAC Events Organiser

Events Organiser for ACMAC – Role Description This is an important role, because events breathe new life into the organization, inspire members old and new, create a sense of working together / community, and result in increased membership. It would be great to aim for 3 workshops per annum at least (online, or face to face), one conference, and perhaps …

ACMAC coordinator

ACMAC Coordinator

ACMAC Co-ordinator – Role Description The Co-ordinator is completely committed to the overall health of ACMAC, and knows what is happening across the organization, staff and volunteers. The Co-ordinator can (and should) get other people involved in doing lots of tasks – but if one of those volunteers drops back, the Co-ordinator is responsible for making sure those essential tasks …

ACMAC role of treasurer

ACMAC Treasurer

ACMAC Treasurer – Role Description Liase with membership secretary: say when new payments have come in to the account, or when expected payments have not arrived. Liase with accountants: complete accountants’ spreadsheet each month and answer any other queries. Liase with Events Organiser: confirm that those planning to attend events have paid. Pay cheques into the Co-op bank (or Post …

ACMAC meeting

ACMAC meetings

Welcome! This is a brief introduction to how we do meetings and decision-making.   A meeting is any time two or more people get together to talk about our work. There are broadly two kinds of meetings: Operational and Policy. Operational meetings are for getting things done. Policy meetings are for asking how things went, learning together, and deciding what …

Grievance and Discipline processes

The core assumptions behind our Grievance and Discipline processes CORE ROLE: Our core role, as Aptivate employees, is to serve as General Members of Staff (GMS). DUTIES OF THE CORE ROLE: As GMS, we are each expected to contribute significant value to Aptivate and our clients, and reduce or eliminate risk, waste, and unproductive conflict, to the best of our …

ACMAC mission statement

Mission Statement

The Association of Community and Multibed Acupuncture Clinics (ACMAC) Vision: A thriving network of multibed acupuncture clinics throughout the UK, providing affordable, accessible acupuncture for all ACMAC’s Mission: Supporting multibed clinics where practitioners can treat several people at the same time, and helping patients find those clinics, we make acupuncture affordable and accessible to as many people as possible, whatever …

Privacy Policy

Privacy PolicyThe privacy and security of your personal information is extremely important to us. This privacy policy explains how and why we use your personal data, to make sure you stay informed and can be confident about giving us your information. We’ll keep this page updated to show you all the things we do with your personal data. This policy …

Comparison of acupuncture and other drugs for chronic constipation: A network meta-analysis – L.Zhu et al – 2018

Abstract The objective of this study was to compare the efficacy and side effects of acupuncture, sham acupuncture and drugs in the treatment of chronic constipation. Randomized controlled trials (RCTs) assessing the effects of acupuncture and drugs for chronic constipation were comprehensively retrieved from electronic databases (such as PubMed, Cochrane Library, Embase, CNKI, Wanfang Database, VIP Database and CBM) up …

Acupuncture for Chronic Pain: Update of an Individual Patient Data Meta-Analysis

Highlights •Acupuncture has a clinically relevant effect on chronic pain that persists over time. •The effect of acupuncture cannot be explained only by placebo effects. •Factors in addition to the specific effects of needling are important contributors. •Referral for acupuncture treatment is a reasonable option for chronic pain patients. Abstract Despite wide use in clinical practice, acupuncture remains a controversial …

ACMAC clinic Beeston community acupuncture

Nottinghamshire – Beeston: Beeston Community Acupuncture

Beeston Community Acupuncture is a joint-venture with colleagues Sandra Linnett (acupuncture) & Emma Brown (reflexology). We are open every Tuesday at Middle Street Resource Centre, Beeston, NG9 2AR for acupuncture & reflexology treatments.

This is a “multibed” setting, meaning that several people are treated together in one room. This is an authentically Eastern way to receive treatment, which not only reduces costs, but also facilitates a sense of togetherness and community spirit which enhances the overall healing effects.

Acupuncture treatment costs £20 and lasts around 45 minutes. Your practitioner will place your needles and leave them to do their work. This frees us up to check on other patients whilst you relax.

Reflexology treatment costs £15 and lasts for 30 minutes.

Cambridge affordable acupuncture ACMAC clinic

Cambridgeshire – Cambridge: Cambridge Affordable Acupuncture

I set up Cambridge Affordable Acupuncture this Sunday pop up community acupuncture clinic in Haslingfield in Cambridge because I have a vision of seeing widespread access to acupuncture treatment. Community Acupuncture allows the cost of acupuncture to be reduced as more than one person is seen at a time. I am passionate about this therapy and its traditional roots. With my training to integrate various forms of acupuncture treatment from various lineages of the therapy, I focus on treating acute & chronic pain, health complaints, fatigue, male & female fertility, emotional wellbeing, bereavement support, acute stress & trauma.

Jess Buck Acupuncture ACMAC clinic

OXFORDSHIRE – Oxford: The Acupuncture Shed

Address of clinic: 231 Campbell Road Oxford OX4 3NS Telephone: 07792394801 Clinic email: Clinic website: Practitioners: Jess Buck and Emily Carson Appointment system: booked Charge for first appointment / consultation: £48 Charge for follow-up appointments: £26 Opening times: Treatments offered: Full body acupuncture, Ear / NADA acupuncture, Moxibustion, Cupping

London W10: Portobello Affordable Acupuncture

Every Friday and Saturday, the Portobello Acupuncture Project’s clinic in The Tabernacle opens its doors to the people of Notting Hill to offer acupuncture in a slightly different and very interesting way.

Founded by Patricia O’Hara (who is also the clinic’s principle practitioner), the Portobello Acupuncture Project offers acupuncture in a “multi-bed” setting. After a quiet consultation with a practitioner, patients are then treated in the large, quiet and comfortable room at the same time as others also receiving treatment. Such a practice is in fact very normal and indeed the authentic way of receiving acupuncture in China and, in this way, the Project is able to reduce their costs and pass on their savings to their patients.
The Project makes obtaining acupuncture even more affordable than that, however. All patients decide what they can afford to pay between £25 and £40 for their treatment, as the clinic not only believes in allowing their patients to have options, but also that their sliding fee scale elicits the simple principle of trust. Those that can afford to pay the full £40 do so, whilst those that need to pay less than this (perhaps because they need longer term treatment) can also do so. A patient’s decision on how much to pay will be respected by their practitioner and no questions will be asked about your decision.

Essex – Colchester: Colchester Community Acupuncture

Colchester Community Acupuncture has been set up to provide high-quality, low cost acupuncture to all members of the community.

We provide affordable Traditional Acupuncture in a multibed setting. This enables us to treat more than one person at a time, making use of the period while the needles do their work to treat others alongside.

ACMAC clinic Suffolk community acupuncture

Suffolk – Suffolk Community Acupuncture

Address of clinic: HydroJetz 4a Fore Street Ipswich Suffolk IP4 1JS Telephone: 01473 222328 Clinic email: Clinic website address: Practitioner: Barney Clarkson Appointment system: booked and drop-in appointments Charge for first appointment / consultation: £10 – £35 Charge for follow-up appointments: £10 – £35 Treatments offered: Full body acupuncture, Ear / NADA acupuncture, Tui na, Cupping.

Caroline Simon Acupuncture

London SE26 – Caroline Simon Acupuncture

This is my low cost project run as a community/multibed clinic. Here everyone is treated in the same space in screened areas. Acupuncture is well suited to this as once the needles are in place clients can relax whilst they do their work!. Treating this way allows me to offer treatment on sliding scale whilst at the same time allowing me to fulfil my wish for a wider group in the community to access affordable acupuncture. You pay what you can in the sliding scale for treatment on that day so no need to commit to any one treatment price.

​I also like to offer special deals, so if you are a local community group, organisation or workplace
please do get in touch!

ACMAC clinic Woodbridge physiotherapy

Suffolk – Woodbridge Physiotherapy Practice

Joining an ever growing number of therapist in the UK who aim to provide effective treatment at a more affordable cost, Barney has set up an acupuncture clinic at Woodbridge Physiotherapy Practice based on the ‘multi-bed’ model. By treating many people at the same time the overheads are shared, making lower costs possible. At Woodbridge Physiotherapy Practice patients are treated in individual treatment rooms which maintains privacy, allowing patients to relax into their treatments. You can benefit from high quality, effective acupuncture at a more affordable cost.

ACMAC clinic Henley community acupuncture

Oxfordshire – Henley-on-Thames: Henley Community Acupuncture

In the West, acupuncture is still most commonly practiced privately, with one patient seeing one practitioner for around 45 minutes to an hour per treatment, and usually being required to pay anything between £30 and £200 per treatment.

Some people can afford this whenever they chose; plenty of people in the UK can afford to pay this once in a while; but lots of people will find it hard to pay this price regularly, and it is vital that you can have treatment frequently enough and for long enough to get better and stay better.

So, if one-to-one acupuncture is only affordable for some people, is there a way to provide acupuncture that is affordable for more people in our community? The answer is yes: “multibed” or “community” acupuncture clinics!

ACMAC clinic Brighton Community Acupuncture

East Sussex – Brighton: Brighton Community Acupuncture

Acupuncture treats many different ailments and medical conditions. At our clinic we are experienced in helping people needing treatment to relieve their symptoms and deal with the underlying causes of their condition. We also want to make acupuncture available and affordable to those who can’t afford to pay standard rates.

ACMAC clinic Source point acupuncture

DEVON – Moretonhampstead: Source Point Community Acupuncture

Source Point Community Acupuncture is a not-for-profit community acupuncture clinic offering hour-long traditional acupuncture treatments in a multi-bed setting from King George V Sports and Community Centre in Moretonhampstead. We charge on a sliding scale from £15 to £55, which means that you choose how much to pay, depending on how much you feel you can afford for your treatment. See About Us for more about who we are and what we do, and have a look at Affordable Acupuncture for more details about our fees and why we believe that charging this way makes for a better deal for all of us.

ACMAC clinic Newcastle Community Acupuncture

Tyne and Wear – Newcastle Upon Tyne: Newcastle Community Acupuncture

For the first time in the North East, Heaton Acupuncture Clinic is offering treatments within its multibed facility where we hope to provide simple, affordable and effective acupuncture treatment for up to four people at the same time. In our multibed facility a number of people are treated in the same room while protecting privacy, dignity and confidentiality. Newcastle Community Acupuncture is a registered member of the Association of Community & Multibed Clinics (ACMAC).

ACMAC clinic The Acupuncture Works Hub

East Sussex – Lewes: The Acupuncture Works

My name is Matthew Esaias Hobbs, I am the Practice Director and Senior Practitioner at The Acupuncture Works and I’d like to welcome you to The Acupuncture Works website.

At The Acupuncture Works we’ve been practising Chinese Acupuncture and Massage for more than ten years. We integrate Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) with Five Element Chinese Acupuncture and engage in regular CPD (Continual Professional Development), which hones our treating ability and allows us to offer our patients the most comprehensive Personal Treatment Plan (PTP) available. More recently, I have engaged in post-graduate studies in Classical Chinese Medicine, which takes the understanding of Chinese medicine back to ‘The Classics’ and provides a deeper understanding and treatment ability than I have found available through TCM and Five Element alone.

ACMAC clinic Belfast community acupuncture

NORTHERN IRELAND – Belfast: Belfast Community Acupuncture

We are the only ‘community multi-bed acupuncture clinic’ in Northern Ireland registered with the Association of Community and Multi-bed Clinics (ACMAC). We treat a small number of people in the same room while protecting privacy, dignity and confidentiality. You choose how much you can afford to pay on a ‘sliding scale’ each visit, making a complete course of treatments affordable. We run part-time clinics in different locations across Belfast.

yin-yang ACMAC clinic Colchester

Worcestershire – Worcester: Worcester Community Acupuncture

Address of clinic: 174a London Road Worcester WR5 2EJ Telephone: 01905 360079 Website: Email: Appointment system: Telephone us or check the website for current days and times of opening. Practitioner: Alex Brazkiewicz, Jonathan Cooke Charge for first appointment / consultation: £15 – 35 Charge for follow-up appointments: £15 – 35 Treatments offered: Full body acupuncture, Ear / NADA acupuncture

ACMAC clinic Affordable Acupuncture

London N16: The Bright Room

Bright Room Community Acupuncture is an affordable acupuncture clinic in Stoke Newington, Hackney. We provide effective, low cost treatments for a wide range of conditions.

The clinic operates from a lovely, calm and spacious room in the Old Fire Station in the heart of Stoke Newington. It’s an oasis of tranquillity, despite being a stone’s throw from Stoke Newington High Street.

The cost of a session is around a third of the price of a private treatment (see our Acupuncture Price page for more information)

ACMAC clinic Wellpoint acupuncture clinic

London N3: Wellpoint Acupuncture Clinic

Wellpoint was created to provide affordable acupuncture at times that would be convenient for our clients. We’re a multi-bed clinic: once we’ve carefully positioned needles into you we will leave you to relax for about 20 minutes during which time we can see someone else. This means you get tailored, professional and caring attention and we can see more people and keep costs down.

ACMAC clinic The peoples acupuncture project Exeter

DEVON – Exeter: People’s Acupuncture Project

A little revolution in Exeter: affordable community acupuncture!
Our ambition is to provide quality acupuncture treatment to everyone who needs it, whatever their financial means.

We believe that everybody in the Exeter community should be able to access good quality acupuncture at a price that allows them to keep coming for treatment as long as it is needed to get better.