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The Association of Community and Multibed Acupuncture Clinics is dedicated to supporting and promoting multibed acupuncture. All ACMAC member clinics are committed to providing affordable acupuncture to their local communities.

Anyone is free to join ACMAC at any time. Indeed, we need and appreciate your support. Perhaps you are raring to go, ready to open a clinic, or already run a multibed clinic. Congratulations, please join as a Clinic member!


If you are still in the pondering stage, or would simply like to support the multibed movement, you are warmly welcomed too as a Supporter.

Rates for membership are charged on a sliding scale. When you become an ACMAC member, you will immediately benefit from discounts on any events we run and on supplies at Balance Healthcare and JCM (see below). Please read on and then complete the registration form at the bottom of the page.



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BAcC Membership


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  • Must be a registered member of the British Acupuncture Council

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How can my clinic and I benefit from ACMAC membership?

Community and support: for Clinic members and Supporters

Just as our clinics benefit our patient-communities, we can create a supportive practitioner-community network. Being a member of ACMAC enables you to benefit from the wisdom and experiences of others, and share yours wisdom too, via our online forum. ACMAC hosts conferences and workshops, which are an opportunity not only to learn new clinical skills and enhance our business and marketing acumen, but also to meet up and chew the fat together. All ACMAC members (Clinic, Student and Supporters) receive discounts at all these events, plus at events run by our associate organisations. For details of these events, keep an eye on our News and Events page.

Promotion: for Clinic members

If you join as a Clinic member, we will place your clinic details on the "ACMAC Clinics" page, along with your logo, link to your website, email, and any photos of your clinic that you may like to share. This presents clear information to the public. ACMAC has a Facebook page which can be shared with practitioners and patients alike to spread the word about multibed practice.

Discounts on supplies, products and events: for Clinic members and Supporters

UK and Europe

  • Balance Healthcare has teamed up with JCM to create Balance @ JCM, and offers a 15% discount for ACMAC members on all needles (except Seirin which are already heavily discounted) and 10% discount on all other products (except books, also heavily discounted already). See for a product and price list. Balance are very keen to support multibed clinics and you can contact Helen Kenny on for free samples, a catalogue and any product info you might need. Please note that the website cannot calculate the ACMAC discount, so please call 0800 072 0202 (freephone) to place an order. You will need to tell Balance @ JCM your ACMAC clinic number when you order. Balance can take payment in UK£ or Euros.
  • ACMAC members are offered a 15% discount on web hosting by YinYang Hosting, run by ACMAC member Sam May.
  • All events run by 'Acupuncture CPD' in Brighton, UK are offered at a discount to ACMAC members.
  • All events run by 'The CPD Group' are offered at a 10% discounted rate to ACMAC members.
  • All events run by Phillip Weeks in conjunction with 'All About Natural Medicine' are offered at a 10% discounted rate to ACMAC members, as well as a range of other related courses.  Please email
  • Beautiful hand-made clinic screens by Jeremy Marshall are offered at a discount to ACMAC members, please contact 07929742243.

All ACMAC members

  • JCM offers ACMAC members a 20% discount on the JCM CD-ROM. If you would like to order the CD-ROM, please contact the JCM office direct, via (not via Balance Healthcare) and tell them your clinic number.
  • The Journal of Chinese Medicine offers ACMAC members a new discount on subscription to the Journal: members can now subscribe at the student rate, which represents a 25% saving. Please subscribe as if you were a student – you will be contacted by email and then you should say that you are an ACMAC member and give your clinic number. See for more details and to subscribe. Subscription now includes 3 hard copies of the Journal each year, with immediate access to the entire JCM on-line archive.
  • Si Yuan (formerly Tanwubian) offers ACMAC members discounts on their 4-day Balance Method seminars being held in Dublin and London. No other organisation or group is offered a discount by them! For details of their 2016 schedule please see
  • ACMAC members receive discounts on all events and courses run by ACMAC.

Australian members

We are delighted that Acuneeds, one of Australia's main Chinese Medicine suppliers, has offered a 10% discount to ACMAC members. For more details or to benefit from discounted products from Acuneeds, please email You will need to give your ACMAC membership number to receive your discount. Clinic, Supporter and Student members can benefit from this discount.

What are conditions of membership?

ACMAC Clinic members must provide acupuncture at affordable rates. Member clinics are asked to provide acupuncture treatment at half the local “going rate” for one-to-one treatment, or lower. We strongly encourage clinics to offer a sliding scale of prices, as this is a powerful tool to increase access to treatment.

We recommend the following sliding scale: £15 - £35/€20 - 45/AUD23 - 55, for both initial and follow-up appointments. If your rates are much outside of this range, your membership may be suspended.

ACMAC supports the provision of acupuncture in accessible, multibed settings. If you do not practice in a multibed setting you may still join ACMAC if you can demonstrate that you are offering your community affordable, accessible treatment, ie in an existing project such as HIV care or drug rehab, or for victims of traumatic events or natural disasters. One-to-one practitioners who offer concessionary rates to some patients will not be considered for ACMAC membership. This is because we believe that it is not a good business model for practitioners, who will earn very little for treatments at concessionary rates, or patients, who are likely to feel indebted to that practitioner. We believe that high volume, accessible, patient-funded clinics are the best way to provide affordable treatment to patients and sustainable work for practitioners.

ACMAC does not regulate either practitioners or clinics. We do not have the funds to do this, and we do not wish to duplicate the roles (and expense) of national regulatory bodies. ACMAC member clinics are asked to abide by the codes of conduct and safe practice of your national regulatory body, such as the British Acupuncture Council or the Chinese Medicine Board of Australia.

How much does membership cost?

Rates are the same for Clinic members and Supporters. If your clinic is joining, please tell us on the registration form (below) the names of all your practitioners, who will all be able to benefit from discounts etc, and let us know if a practitioner leaves or a new one joins, so we can keep our records up to date.

Students have a special rate of £50 in the UK, or equivalent for overseas currencies. (Any payments made in foreign currency will be automatically converted by PayPal). This may now be paid by direct transfer, cheque or monthly Standing Order  for UK students only, or by a single lump sum by PayPal for international students only. Please select the appropriate payment below and complete the student registration form at the bottom of this page. 

UK members: £60 - £180 per membership period or part membership period (see below)

International members: Local currency equivalent to £60 - £180: Any payments made in foreign currency will be automatically converted to UK£ by PayPal.

We charge our fees on a sliding scale because we think it is the fairest way to include multibed clinics of different sizes and types, as well as other supporters, students, patients, etc. If your clinic is joining your payment may reflect how well-established your clinic is, and/or how many clinic members you have (all of whom can enjoy member benefits), but you do not need to justify the amount you pay. If you have more than one clinic under the same name/brand, you may pay one fee, but in fairness to other clinics we ask that you pay at least £60 per clinic, or equivalent for international members.

It is our intention that membership fees are kept as affordable as possible. We are committed to seeking income from other sources in order to achieve this.

Your membership will not commence until payment has been received. Each new membership year starts on 31 January, i.e. the current membership year started on 31st January 2016 and membership will be due for renewal on 31st January 2017. UK clinics or individuals joining ACMAC in the last 2 months of the membership year, ie December and January are welcome to pay £30 for the remainder of that year's membership. Those members, like all other members, will then be asked to renew membership and pay the next year's membership fees, irrespective of what date they joined, on 31st January. As the membership year draws to a close therefore, any new UK clinics or individuals joining ACMAC can save money by using the standing order option to pay their membership fees, see below.

Non-UK members must pay one membership fee per year by PayPal or else we are hit by astronomical bank charges.

How can I pay my membership fees?

Non-UK members must pay using PayPal. This is to avoid punitive fees involved in currency exchange. Please pay your membership in full. Do not aim to make small monthly payments.

(Don't forget to complete the correct registration form too, at the bottom of this page)

Membership options:

NOTE: Please do not set up a regular yearly payment schedule with PayPal, as your circumstances and our fees may change from one year to the next. You will be invoiced for any subsequent payments at renewal time (January each year).

For UK members, there are three ways you can pay your membership fees: Standing Order, Direct Transfer to our bank, and by cheque.

1. Standing order.

Please choose this method if possible, if you are a UK member. It offers these benefits:

  • For you, a regular small monthly payment, rather than a larger lump sum.
  • For ACMAC, the blessing of greater automisation. ACMAC is run on a very tight budget and maximising automisation of this aspect of our work means more time can be spent on supporting members and trying to get more affordable acupuncture out into the world.

These are the account details you will need to set up a standing order:

Account name: ACMAC
Sort code: 08-92-99
Account number: 65659027

Monthly standing order = per annum fee paid
£5.00 £60.00
£7.50 £90.00
£10.00 £120.00
£12.50 £150.00
£15.00 £180.00

Special student rate of £50 per year equates to £4.17 per month.

Please do not set up a standing order for a small monthly amount from a country outside the UK.

2. Direct transfer to the ACMAC account.

If you are a UK Clinic member or Supporter, please transfer an amount between £60 and £180 to the following account:

Account name: ACMAC

Sort code: 08-92-99

Account number: 65659027

If you are a student, please transfer £50.

Please put your personal name or clinic name as the reference.

3. Cheque.

Please make your cheque payable to ACMAC, and send it to:

104 Tower Ride
TN22 1NS

Please write your personal name or clinic name on the back of the cheque.

Please do not send a cheque in any other currency than UK £.