Covid 19

We would like to be able to help our members by posting suggestions and information here

WELL-BEING - online classes to support our own well-being, strength & sanity - yoga, Qi Gong, meditation - please share your own and others!

PRACTITIONER SKILLS - enhance our skills & knowledge as practitioner s - talks, webinars, research papers, youtube, online training, audio books, - preferably free!

COMMUNITY CLINICS - specifically ideas of how we can support people with virus recovery, restore key workers, overall recovery, connect communities once we're on the other side

SKILL SWAPS - offer our range of skills to each other - proof read, tech advice, design

COMMUNICATION - any ideas as to how we can communicate with our clients / patients distantly - share your social media posts, any online offerings you are doing, how it's going, tips for patients to deal with anxiety

INSPIRATION - any thoughtful quotes, talks etc that rise above the divisions and fear/anger reactions and help us stay grounded

LIGHTNESS - share some lightness, playfulness and positivity! Funny pics, music, your pets, what you're doing with your days, anything for a much welcome giggle!


Share this great Lung exercise with Peter Deadman

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