ACMAC membership secretary

ACMAC Membership secretary

Membership Secretary – Role Description

  • New members
  • Deal with inquiries from ACMAC members, or concerning membership
  • Liase with treasurer about membership payments
  • Process membership application forms and send out confirmation of membership
  • Issue receipts for membership payments
  • Create members’ Clinic pages on website, and update these as required
  • Keep membership spreadsheet current
  • Maintain the details of the member clinics on the Google map feature on the website
  • Liase with Balance Healthcare about current members for purposes of members’ discounts and welcome gifts
  • Membership renewals
  • Send out membership renewal notices
  • Liase with treasurer about membership payments
  • Chase overdue membership payments
  • Social media
  • Update the Facebook page when appropriate
  • Post details on the ACMAC and BAcC Forums when appropriate

Each new membership application:

  • entering the detail in the spreadsheet
  • creating the 2 web pages
  • creating a map entry
  • sending the confirmation to the applicant
  • updating the spreadsheet when the payment arrives
  • issuing a receipt for payment
  • updating Balance healthcare with new details