ACMAC coordinator

ACMAC Coordinator

ACMAC Co-ordinator – Role Description

The Co-ordinator is completely committed to the overall health of ACMAC, and knows what is happening across the organization, staff and volunteers.

The Co-ordinator can (and should) get other people involved in doing lots of tasks – but if one of those volunteers drops back, the Co-ordinator is responsible for making sure those essential tasks are taken care of until a new volunteer is found.

Assuming Treasurer, Events Organiser and Membership Secretary are seen as distinct roles, the Co-ordinator has the following tasks:

Keep website accurate for public info; and to inform our members about events, news etc. Also good information for those interested in multibed practice.

Produce Newsletters

Maintain forum and Facebook page

Liaise with our collaborators.

Negotiate discounts for our members.

Answer emails, general inquiries. Follow up.

Purchase merchandise and deal with sales.


And whatever else comes up.

Estimate time at up 3 to 5 hours per week, more if a volunteer drops out and Co-ordinatot has to pick up that role.