York: Love Community Acupuncture

Address of clinic:

9 Norfolk Street
North Yorkshire
YO23 1JY

Telephone: 07582 234578

Website: http://www.lovecommunityacupuncture.net

Clinic email: hello@lovecommunityacupuncture.net

Practitioners: Karen Charlesworth, Christiane Thomas & Mitchell Macgregor

Appointment system: booked appointments & drop ins

Charge for first appointment/consultation: £15

Charge for follow-up appointments: £15

Treatments offered: Full body acupuncture

Love Community Acupuncture is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to providing high-quality acupuncture care at an affordable price. Acupuncture was invented as a folk medicine 2,000 years ago in China, but at LCA we feel that in the West it has become an expensive private medicine. We have a strong belief in acupuncture’s ability to help particularly those people with complex chronic conditions that may not respond well to treatment with conventional medicine. In the UK, it remains a fact that people more likely to experience such complex, chronic conditions tend to be in lower income brackets, and by definition they are therefore excluded from accessing acupuncture. We set up Love Community Acupuncture in 2015 to enable patients on lower incomes to have acupuncture.