Free ebook about Japanese acupuncture

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Free ebook about Japanese acupuncture

Postby thomas acu » Thu Dec 04, 2014 11:16 am

Good evening
Last year I wrote and published a (actually 3) little e-book. Although it has been commercially available (Amazon, via practically all worldwide distributers of such materials), it "does not sell" - at all!
A Japanese colleague bought ONE copy - that's it.

Therefore I decided to make it available for free via my website*:
(* I WOULD be glad, if people could bring themselves to offer a little "donation" (about 2-300 Yen) AFTER reading it. I mean, if they enjoyed the material. :oops: )

It is definitely NOT any sort of academic/scientific work or literary masterpiece.
Only a few things a 3rd-class craftsman/phsical laborer has to say.

This little work about (the differences between) Japanese and Chinese acupuncture represents just my personal opinion after 30 years of practice in Japan.
I believe, the Japanese form of acupuncture is much better suited for most of the world's population = non-Chinese people, that the so-called "authentic Chinese acupuncture". But I also realize that a lot of people have differing opinions.
I do not want to dispute those or get into angry discussions about right or wrong.
All I did, was voice my view on the subject.

In the hope, not to offend anybody here

Thomas Blasejewicz
thomas acu
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