ACMAC CLINIC 4goodhealth

Yorkshire – Sheffield: 4 Good Health

Address of clinic:  Suite 7, Cherry Tree Offices Union Road Nether Edge Sheffield Yorkshire S11 9EF Telephone:07790276565 Website: Clinic email: Practitioners: Anette Lucas Appointment system: booked appointments Charge for first appointment / consultation: £40 Charge for follow-up appointments: £25 Treatments offered:  Full body acupuncture, ear/NADA, moxa, cupping, facial acupuncture

ACMAC clinic Beeston community acupuncture

Nottinghamshire – Beeston: Beeston Community Acupuncture

Beeston Community Acupuncture is a joint-venture with colleagues Sandra Linnett (acupuncture) & Emma Brown (reflexology). We are open every Tuesday at Middle Street Resource Centre, Beeston, NG9 2AR for acupuncture & reflexology treatments.

This is a “multibed” setting, meaning that several people are treated together in one room. This is an authentically Eastern way to receive treatment, which not only reduces costs, but also facilitates a sense of togetherness and community spirit which enhances the overall healing effects.

Acupuncture treatment costs £20 and lasts around 45 minutes. Your practitioner will place your needles and leave them to do their work. This frees us up to check on other patients whilst you relax.

Reflexology treatment costs £15 and lasts for 30 minutes.

ACMAC Clinic One Acupuncture

Devon – Barnstaple: One Acupuncture

At One Acupuncture® our aim is to enable you to live life well, by providing effective Traditional East Asian Medicine (TEAM) for body and mind, delivered by an experienced professional in a supportive and caring environment.

Every patient is treated as one whole person (body and mind). Treatment seeks to bring back balance to the whole, so you can achieve your full potential and live life well. We commonly see patients who come for Pain, Women’s Health (including Fertility & Pregnancy), Mental Health & Cancer Support.

Cambridge affordable acupuncture ACMAC clinic

Cambridgeshire – Cambridge: Cambridge Affordable Acupuncture

I set up Cambridge Affordable Acupuncture this Sunday pop up community acupuncture clinic in Haslingfield in Cambridge because I have a vision of seeing widespread access to acupuncture treatment. Community Acupuncture allows the cost of acupuncture to be reduced as more than one person is seen at a time. I am passionate about this therapy and its traditional roots. With my training to integrate various forms of acupuncture treatment from various lineages of the therapy, I focus on treating acute & chronic pain, health complaints, fatigue, male & female fertility, emotional wellbeing, bereavement support, acute stress & trauma.

Jess Buck Acupuncture ACMAC clinic

Oxfordshire – Oxford: The Acupuncture Shed

Address of clinic: 231 Campbell Road Oxford OX4 3NS Telephone: 07792394801 Clinic email: Clinic website: Practitioners: Jess Buck and Emily Carson Appointment system: booked Charge for first appointment / consultation: £45 Charge for follow-up appointments: £25 Opening times: Treatments offered: Full body acupuncture, Ear / NADA acupuncture, Moxibustion, Cupping

ACMAC clinic Dragon acupuncture project

East Sussex – Brighton: Dragon Acupuncture

Address of clinic: 28-29 Bond Street Brighton BN1 1RD Telephone: 07760492136 Clinic website: Practitioners: Nik Tilling, Calum Thomson, Yvonne Abe Appointment system: drop-in and booked Charge for first appointment / consultation: £35 Charge for follow-up appointments: £25/£35 Opening times: Treatments offered: Full body acupuncture, Ear / NADA acupuncture, Tui na massage, Chi gung, Moxibustion,  Cupping, Facial acupuncture

ACMAC clinic portobello affordable acupuncture

London W10: Portobello Affordable Acupuncture

Every Friday and Saturday, the Portobello Acupuncture Project’s clinic in The Tabernacle opens its doors to the people of Notting Hill to offer acupuncture in a slightly different and very interesting way.

Founded by Patricia O’Hara (who is also the clinic’s principle practitioner), the Portobello Acupuncture Project offers acupuncture in a “multi-bed” setting. After a quiet consultation with a practitioner, patients are then treated in the large, quiet and comfortable room at the same time as others also receiving treatment. Such a practice is in fact very normal and indeed the authentic way of receiving acupuncture in China and, in this way, the Project is able to reduce their costs and pass on their savings to their patients.
The Project makes obtaining acupuncture even more affordable than that, however. All patients decide what they can afford to pay between £25 and £40 for their treatment, as the clinic not only believes in allowing their patients to have options, but also that their sliding fee scale elicits the simple principle of trust. Those that can afford to pay the full £40 do so, whilst those that need to pay less than this (perhaps because they need longer term treatment) can also do so. A patient’s decision on how much to pay will be respected by their practitioner and no questions will be asked about your decision.

ACMAC clinic Lancaster community acupuncture

Lancashire – Lancaster: Community Acupuncture Lancaster

Address of clinic: Unit 843 Harpers Mill White Cross Industrial Estate Lancaster LA1 4XQ Telephone: 07846663438 Clinic email: Clinic website: Practitioner: Hannah Reade Appointment system: booked appointments Charge for first appointment / consultation: £15 – £25 Charge for follow-up appointments: £15 – £25 Treatments offered: Full body acupuncture, Ear / NADA acupuncture

ACMAC clinic acupuncture needles

London N22: Wood Green Complementary Health Centre

Many people also use acupuncture treatment to help them manage severe long-term chronic illnesses usually in addition to Western medical treatment. Acupuncture can often relieve the unpleasant side-effects brought on by Western treatment and complements it therefore very well.

Some use acupuncture to speed up recovery times from injuries or surgery, while others simply wish to receive preventative treatments in order to avoid getting ill in the first place. This can be achieved by boosting the immune system, improving the circulation, and helping them to mentally relax.

I am a fully qualified professional acupuncturist, having graduated in 2008 from a very thorough three-year training course at the University of Westminster in London with a Bachelors Degree (Hons) in Traditional Chinese Medicine: Acupuncture.

Essex – Colchester: Colchester Community Acupuncture

Colchester Community Acupuncture has been set up to provide high-quality, low cost acupuncture to all members of the community.

We provide affordable Traditional Acupuncture in a multibed setting. This enables us to treat more than one person at a time, making use of the period while the needles do their work to treat others alongside.