The clinic is really spacious and the atmosphere is warm – I have never felt uncomfortable about my privacy which is somehow protected – I think by the screens between beds and the careful way in which I and other patients are talked to a the start of each session of treatment. The low cost makes this treatment possible for me. — Acupuncture Patient, Brighton, UK

Tyne and Wear – Newcastle Upon Tyne: Newcastle Community Acupuncture

Address of clinic:

First Floor
182 Portland Road
Newcastle upon Tyne

Clinic website address:

Telephone: 07808 867280

Appointment system: Booked

Practitioners: Feras Jerjis, Louise Collyer and Tam Nortley

Charge for first appointment / consultation: £20

Charge for follow-up appointments: £15

Treatments offered: Full body acupuncture, Ear / NADA acupuncture