ACMAC Newsletter


Giovanni Maciocia, in comparing practice in China and the UK, observed that, “You call weekly treatment proper treatment for here, but that’s created by social circumstances. We’re in private practice and people can’t afford to come more often. If they could, they would come every other day.” — Kaptchuk et al, 1985

Our USA friends

Warwickshire – Rugby: The Community Acupuncture Clinic, Rugby Branch

Address of clinic:

Arnold House
Masonic Buildings
Church Walk
CV21 3BA

Clinic website address:

Clinic email:

Telephone: 07938 908964

Practitioners: Sharon Hansford & Sue Harrington

Appointment system: Booked appointments only

Charge for first appointment / consultation: £20, or £15 with a medical referral

Charge for follow-up appointments: £20, or £15 with a medical referral

Treatments offered: Full body acupuncture, Ear / NADA acupuncture, Moxibustion, Cupping, Facial Acupuncture, Korean Hand Acupuncture