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Spring newsletter 2018

Hush, can you hear it?
The rustling in the grass,
Bringing you the welcome news that
Winter’s day is past.

Welcome…tentatively to the spring and with great warmth to our Spring newsletter!

This year we’re delighted to be renewing membership for a thriving group of 44 clinics and a further 10 students and supporters and have written to them confirming their membership renewals for 2018.

I recently received an email from a student asking why the numbers of clinics listed on our website had reduced in the last few years and whether it was because the multibed model wasn’t workable.  As I pondered my reply I thought ‘that can’t be the answer’ – I know of so many clinics doing amazing things out there!

But there is no doubt we are seeing far fewer clinics opening, which I would say is a knock-on from lower numbers of people training as acupuncturists and the difficult economic climate out there.  New graduates are often the most keen to open a community clinic so with fewer of them coming through the colleges it’s no wonder we’re seeing a drop in numbers as well.

But the need for affordable and accessible acupuncture is greater than ever – people’s lives are stressful, the NHS is struggling and we’ve just seen extremely high levels of ill health this winter.

Our vision is for a thriving network of multibed acupuncture clinics, providing affordable, accessible acupuncture for all.  Our existing network is certainly thriving but we’d also like to see it growing so that there is affordable and accessible acupuncture in every corner of UK.

And we’re here to remind you that ACMAC can support you if you’re thinking of setting up a community clinic. From planning to implementing to running – our community has been there and done it and has invaluable advice on how to avoid the pitfalls and help make sure your venture is a financial success.

If you’re thinking of taking the next steps why not check out our next training event – a skype session with experienced multibedder and ACMAC founder Charlie Whitestone.  You can read all about it in this Spring Newsletter.

In the meantime wishing you all a flourishing and productive Spring.

Katy Bradshaw
ACMAC Coordinator


Membership renewals

We are currently collecting membership fees for 2018 and will be sending a reminder out to those members who have not yet paid.

Membership fees remain the same for 2018 – we operate a sliding scale of £60 – £180 per year and ask that you pay as much as you’re able to afford.  You can pay in one instalment or by regular standing order (our preferred method as it saves on admin!).

Please visit ACMAC for further details on how to pay.




2018 ACMAC Conference – save the date

It’s time to save the date for the annual ACMAC conference.  We’ll be hosting this year’s event in Brighton on Saturday 17th – Sunday 18th November.

For those who’ve been before you’ll know it’s an event like no other – the sense of community and passion for accessible acupuncture is palpable and nobody leaves disappointed.

This year (as well as the usual networking, meditation and qi gong practice, open space workshop, raffle and party!) we’re delighted to be hosting some fascinating speakers.  These include:

Experienced multibedder and ACMAC Board member Hannah Reade will be presenting on her recent trip to Japan where she has carrying out grassroots research about multibeds in Japan.

Sourcepoint Acupuncture in Devon has recently obtained lottery funding to run a free pain clinic.  They will be here to talk about how they achieved this.

Sheira Chan will be talking about her experience of setting up an emergency trauma clinic at the Grenfell Tower disaster site.

Tickets will be going on sale in the next couple of months but for now make sure you’ve saved the date.


Setting up a multibed clinic – with Charlie Whitestone

We’re delighted to be running another online workshop with Charlie Whitestone on ‘how to set up a multibed clinic’.  Charlie is the founder and Director of ACMAC and has worked in various multibeds for over a decade and is passionate about seeing affordable acupuncture spread throughout all our communities.

Running a multibed clinic may be something that you’ve been thinking about but just don’t know where to start.  Or you may be keen but feeling nervous about the economic climate and don’t know how to make it succeed.  A multibed clinic can be a sustainable and profitable business model if you get the right things in place and attending one our training events will help you to get there.

This online course will give you the basic tools and information you need to start up your own multibed clinic. We will cover issues such as: what’s best – working in a team or working alone, finding a good venue, marketing your clinic, how to structure your clinic sessions, ethics of multibed practice and the importance of informed consent, and much more.

The group will be kept small (max 5 attendees) and Charlie will tailor the session to the needs of each attendee. Book early to avoid missing out by emailing ACMAC.

Date: Wednesday 25th April
Time: 7pm – 9pm
Venue: Your home computer via Skype
Cost:  members £25; non-members £35


Acupuncture in the treatment of mental health conditions – with Chris Nortley

A one-day course organised by Janet Eastwood that should enable practitioners to feel more comfortable in recognising the presence of Possession and Aggressive Energy in people with mental illness.

Practitioners will begin to feel more confident in using the treatment procedures in their own clinical practise and in differentiating between Internal and External Demons understanding and the implications for treatment.

For more information, including how to book please email Janet Eastwood by April 14th 2018.

Date: Saturday 28th April 2018
Time: 10am – 5pm
Trainer: Chris Nortley
Location: Lightwoods House, Adkins Lane, Bearwood, Smethwick, B67 5DP
Cost: £85 (£80 for ACMAC members)


Unified Acupuncture Theory – upcoming courses

Say goodbye to memorising point locations, functions and indications and say hello to understanding why points are where they are and their actions on the human body.

Unified Acupuncture Theory Foundations Course bares new understanding to Zong Fu theory and point indications and moves meridian theory beyond empirical observation.

They have two upcoming courses in London – July 7th and 8th and then another course on September 8th and 9th.  Find out more HERE

ACMAC members are eligible for a 25% discount – please email ACMAC to obtain your discount code.


Si Yuan Balance training – Dublin: 11th to 14th October 2018

Learn the Authentic Balance Method

Entrusted by their Shifu to pass on his wisdom, Si Yuan instructors are committed to teaching not only a strategy for needling but their Master’s philosophy, the essence of the Balance Method, as it was taught to them.

Days 1+2: Chronic or acute musculoskeletal disorders
Days 3+4: Functional disorders (prerequisites: Days 1+2)
Gong Fa: Two hours of complimentary training with specialist Dr. Paul Wang.

All classes are a comprehensive mix of theory, demonstrations and hands-on practice. Open to practitioners of all levels of training and experience

  • Theory: Less memorization – More logical thinking
  • Practice: Get clinical results immediately
  • The Benefits of Gong Fa: Maintain Balance / Exert Positive Influence on Patients / Avoid Fatigue and “sick Qi” / Increase Treatment Efficiency

Provide a better quality of care at lower cost for patients.

Find out more, including how to book HERE


Last thought…

All BAcC members should have received an email (if you’re not a member then check with your own regulatory body) regarding the upcoming changes to data processing coming into force on 25th May.  This stuff is really important to get on top of so please make sure you are aware of the steps you need to take to make your practice compliant.

The BAcC are sending out bi-weekly emails with actions for you to follow – contact them if you haven’t received this correspondence.

For more information on General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) please visit HERE.


2017 Conference round up

“ACMAC conferences are truly unique – pure, cutting edge acupuncture theory and practice. The conference always attracts the most awesome bunch of people; innovative, caring and dynamic. Congrats to The Association of Community and Multibed Acupuncture Clinics (ACMAC) for another historic event”

We couldn’t have put it any better ourselves – thanks Kath Berry!

This year’s conference came together beautifully – the speakers brought the issues facing the wider acupuncture community and made them completely relevant to our community of multibed practitioners. We were joined by students, seasoned practitioners, practitioners setting multibed clinics for the first time, patients, carers or patients and of course a wealth of knowledge and expertise from the acupuncture world.

If you missed the conference and haven’t heard her speak yet you have to check out what Mel Hopper-Koppelman has to say about evidence-based acupuncture. Google her, sign up to EBA-Connect, register with Acupuncture Professional …just get yourself immersed in the amazing world of communicating acupuncture’s effectiveness with science.

And once we’d all been super-charged with confidence in effectiveness of acupuncture Lara McCLure planted us firmly in the world of politics and how we are perfectly positioned to tackle health inequalities in this country. Making acupuncture accessible and affordable is a concrete way of reducing the ever-increasing health inequalities between rich and poor. And how amazing to be creating spaces where people from every walk of life can come together for a shared healing experience.

World Medicine brought a wonderful set of films showing people being treated in their clinic in Gujarat, India and we’re delighted to have raised £130 for them via our raffle. That money will buy the clinic’s first electro-acupuncture kit – a worthy gift for an incredible project.

And once again Paul Blacker delivered a fantastically practical session – with his usual charm and exceptional experience shining through. He gave such a in-depth look at how to locate Ah Shi points – not just where patients feel pain but using our senses to feel and see exactly where they are.

Both Andy Mappleback and Peter Deadman generously gave their time to promote an intense sense of well-being through the practice of QI Gong and Gong Meditiation. This practice really showed us just ow important the cultivation of our own energetic health is so important for our practice as acupuncturists.

And the party! Sadly we’re a bit short on party photos so you’ll have to take our word for it – suffice to say there was a lot of groovy dancing!

There wasn’t a moment during the weekend that wasn’t spent learning new things, sharing our experiences, supporting each other or just enjoying building our community. The weekend was dynamic and so very positive and is recommended to anyone interested in multibed acupuncture. Everyone is welcome and we can’t wait to see you all again next year.


Discounted access for ACMAC members

ACMAC members can get discounted access to EBA – Connect. For just $49 (full price $79) you can access a wealth of training, videos and resources. Members can contact for a discount code.


Yay we’ve got 700 likes!

Thanks to everyone who’s liked and followed us on Facebook. Keep up the good work and make sure you log in to see all the amazing pictures from this year’s conference. Visit HERE to show your support.



We don’t do this enough…

so we just wanted to say a warm welcome to the clinics and supporters who have joined ACMAC this year. Hello to Mirijam Marx at Zen Zone in Reading, Alison Savory at One Acupuncture in Devon, Annette Lucas at 4 Good Health in Sheffield and acupuncture students Caroline Wansborough and Tessa Hodson.


2018 Membership

We will be contacting our members shortly with information about next year’s membership.


Autumn newsletter 2017
Only a few more weeks left until this year’s conference!

And just when you thought we couldn’t squeeze any more amazing people into the line up we are delighted to announce that we’ll be joined this year by Kath Berry. Kath will be our facilitator for the weekend and will bring with her an abundance of knowledge, experience and enthusiasm!

Kath is passionate about integrating acupuncture with mainstream services through public education, quality research and refined communication with other healthcare professionals. She is an accredited Acupuncture Detoxification Specialist (ADS) and trainer of the NADA ear acupuncture protocol, having received specialist training in New York in 2007. She has spent time lecturing in both Australia and the UK and now runs marketing and business development courses for students and practitioners as well as a private drug detox service in Ibiza.

And a reminder of what else will be happening this year…


  • Mel Hopper Koppelman  – Director of Evidence Based Acupuncture
  • Lara McClure – Research lead at the Northern College of Acupuncture
  • Ronit Broder & Phil Montgomery – Trustees of World Medicine
  • Andy Mappleback – Gong Meditation
  • Nate Whitestone – Facilitation of an open space event
  • Charlie Whitestone, Katy Bradshaw, Hannah Reade, Barney Clarkson – sharing their expertise in running multibed clinics
  • Plus… Party, t-shirts and raffle!


  • Peter Deadman – Sunday morning Qi Gong
  • Paul Blacker – Ahshi points – how to find them, how to needle them and why they matter!

And you’ll be supporting a great cause and helping to ensure the future of accessible acupuncture in the UK and beyond!

Find out more below.


Own your own piece of ACMAC merchandise with one of these limited edition t-shirts.  Pre-order yours for £10 to collect at the conference or we can send one to you for an additional £3.  Please place your orders by emailing ACMAC before Friday 27th October with your sizing (XS/S/M/L/XL) and style (Male/Female).




Ticket prices

Saturday only – £60 members/students and £80 non-members

Sunday only – £30 members/students and £40 non-members

Party – £10 for everyone

Weekend ticket (including party) – £90 members/students and £120 non-members

Book your tickets HERE.


There are some exciting potential changes coming up about how ACMAC is funded that we will be discussing and signing off at the AGM. We’d encourage as many of our members as possible to come along on Sunday (the AGM is free to attend) so you can have your say on the future of our organisation.



And in other news….

Maggs Day Centre supports the homeless and vulnerable in Worcester.

They are open five days a week, providing a safe, dry environment where homeless and particularly vulnerable people can get food and hot drinks, as well as using showers and laundry facilities.

And they need your help!

The Health Facilitator has contacted ACMAC looking for a practitioner/practitioners who would be interested in setting up a monthly drop-in ear acupuncture service. They currently provide services users with access to a GP, Nurse, podiatrist, dentist and massage therapist and have heard about the effectiveness of ear acupuncture for treating substance abuse so would like to add that into the mix.

For more details please contact Margarita White.


Si Yuan Balance Method

ACMAC members receive a 5% discount on this acupuncture training course (when all 4 days are booked together). The training will be held in London from Thursday 26th to Sunday 29th October 2017 and will be run by Delphine Armand and Eileen Han. It really is a wonderful treatment style for using in multibeds – quick, effective and easy to use. To find out more including how to book visit HERE.


More exciting news about this year’s conference….

We are beyond excited to announce that we will be joined at this year’s conference by Mel Hopper Koppelman.

Mel is passionate about improving people’s access to safe and effective health care by communicating acupuncture’s scientific evidence. Mel received her MSc in Acupuncture for the Northern College in York, UK in 2012 and her MSc in Nutrition and Functional Medicine from the University of Western States in Oregon, USA in 2015. She lives and practices in Rhode Island, USA and is the Director of Evidence Based Acupuncture.

And she’s travelling all the way here to talk to us!  This is not to be missed – if you haven’t done so already then you can book your tickets for this year’s conference HERE.  Mel will be speaking on Satuday morning – you can buy a weekend ticket or just come for the day if you’d like to hear her speak.

You can find out more about Mel HERE and HERE.



Summer Newsletter 2017

ACMAC Conference 2017 tickets are now on sale!

We are delighted to announce that you can now buy your tickets for this years conference.  AND there are massive savings to be had if you book early.  Book your early bird ticket before 28th July 2017 and get a full weekend ticket, including party for just £60 (members/students) or £80 (non-members).  To book visit HERE and to find out more read below.


Grenfell Tower Emergency Acupuncture

I’m sure many of you have wondered how you can help the victims of the awful fire that happened at Grenfell Tower a few weeks ago.

Some of our London ACMAC members – Sheira Chan and Gisela Norman have set up front line “Emergency Acupuncture” at various London locations. Since then, over 50 volunteer acupuncturists have joined the cause to treat the community for post traumatic stress. Some of the team has worked in Gaza and Myanmar so they have some amazing front line experience. In addition, a number of acupuncture supply companies have agreed to match donations for equipment to aid the emergency acupuncture clinics.

Emergency Acupuncture can be found at the following locations:

Ad hoc ‘Street Clinics’ under the flyover near Westway Sports Centre, treating the public on the street

The Mosque: Fridays – 4 -7pm and Saturdays 1 – 5pm. The Muslim Cultural Centre 244 Acklam Road, W10 5YG

The Dalgarno Centre, Dalgarno Way, London W10 5LE. Treatment space on Fridays 10am – 1pm

Please contact Gisela and Sheira if you would like to help deliver treatments or to donate needles and supplies.  They are especially keen to hear from male practitioners as there are a number of muslim men who need treatment who would prefer a male practitioner.

Please include your professional membership detail contact number and times you are available. You can then be added to the whatsapp group. There are a few locations in and around the area where we are operating and we are only offering NADA treatments. If people need more they are being directed to Portabello community clinic on a Wednesday.


Gisela Norman 07968 855 001
Sheira Chan 07761 092 904


Our friends and colleagues in the US are running a survey to discover what community acupuncturists do and to try and document the range of clinical strategies that different practitioners use.  They’ve worked with a psychometrics company to create the survey and have already gathered more than 400 responses.  They’re planning to publish and share the data, so the more people who participate, the more valuable the shared data will be. They’ve asked for our help to get some input from here in the UK (and beyond) as they can break the results out by country/region when we publish them. They’re looking for data from people who practice community acupuncture full-time, part-time, in combination with private room acupuncture, and also —  people who practice private room acupuncture, for contrast. To take part in the survey visit HERE. It will run until the end of August.


Si Yuan Balance Method is returning to London this October and are offering ACMAC members a 5% discount on the full four-day course.

Dates: Thursday 26th – Sunday 30th October 2017

To find out more and book your place visit HERE.



Hove Community Acupuncture is currently looking to for practitioners to locum at the clinic to cover staff holidays.  If you’re interested in working in a long-established clinic please EMAIL the team.


ACMAC Conference 2017

Saturday 11th – Sunday 12th November, Jury’s Inn, Brighton.

Early Bird rates available. Book early to save.  

Tickets are now on sale!  BOOK HERE.

Tickets are now on sale for the biggest multibed event of the year! The conference is a chance to learn, network, share and be inspired about community acupuncture. There will be speakers from across the world of acupuncture and multibed, meditation and qi gong, open space workshops and a great raffle PLUS amazing evening food and lots of silly dancing in the evening.  It’s not to be missed!

Day 1: Saturday 11th November 2017

Venue: Jury’s Inn Hotel, 101 Stroudley Rd, Brighton, East Sussex BN1 4DJ. The hotel is right behind Brighton Station.

Times: 9am registration for 9.30am start, until 5.30pm

Lara McClure…We are hugely excited to confirm that Lara McClure will be joining us to talk about all things research.  Lara has a strong research background and leads the Research Stream on the acupuncture courses at the Northern College of Acupuncture in York. The multibed setting holds so much potential for carrying out research and we can’t wait to share in Lara’s expertise.


Phil Montgomery and Ronit Broder are trustees of the charity World Medicine and will be joining us to talk in person about the work they are currently doing in Gujarat, India.

World Medicine (previously ‘Medicin Sans Frontieres’) is a registered UK charity providing acupuncture to people around the world suffering the effects of trauma, disaster and poverty.  It was set up in response to the Asian tsunami in 2004 and offers humanitarian aid and training where it is most needed, regardless of race, religion, the politics or gender in order to strengthen and support local communities.  Find out more HERE.

Andy Mappleback…back by popular demand

It’s not easy to explain what it feels like to take part in a gong meditation.  It is described as a form of sound therapy where the gong is played in a therapeutic way to bring about healing.  It is transformative, intensely relaxing and feels like you have been transported to another world entirely!  This was a real highlight of last year’s conference and we’re delighted to be welcoming Andy back again this year.

Open Space: We will host an ‘Open Space’ session to offer you advice on all sorts of topics and facilitate conversation between practitioners to enable you to discover new ways of thinking and working.  Our multibed experts will be available to share their wisdom and experience.

Panel discussion: We will end the day with a panel discussion with our speakers. Bring lots of questions! A fantastic opportunity to get advice and have your questions answered by experienced practitioners.

And don’t forget our Raffle, to raise money for World Medicine, where you can win the usual legendary prizes.


Once again we’ll be hosting the ACMAC conference party – a huge hit last year.  The food here was amazing and everyone enjoyed shaking their tail feathers on the dance floor.  Join us from 7pm at The Caxton Arms, Brighton for drinks, food and dancing.  And if you can’t make it during the day you can always just join us for the celebrations.  Partners and friends are also welcome!


Day 2: Sunday 12th November 2017

Venue: Jury’s Inn Hotel, 101 Stroudley Rd, Brighton, East Sussex BN1 4DJ

Times: Registration at 9.30am registration for a 10am start until 2.30pm

Peter Deadman will start the day with a Qi Gong session.  Peter has been working with the Asian tradition of medicine for over 40 years. He is the co-founder of Infinity Foods and the Brighton Natural Health Centre, studied acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine in the UK and China and was a practitioner for three decades. He has written numerous articles and a major textbook of the acupuncture points and has taught Chinese medicine to many thousands of students in numerous countries throughout the world. He has practised qigong and/or the internal martial arts for the last twenty-three years, studying with a wide variety of teachers, and has been teaching taichi qigong for the last five years.  Find out more HERE.

Paul Blacker will be running an extended practical session on Ashi points – how to use locate and use them when treating pain in your clinic.  Paul has been in practice for over 22 years and practices Acupuncture, Tuina, remedial therapeutic massage, Qi gong and dietary therapy in Longfield, Kent. He is a first aid instructor and has set up and runs the New Ash Green Rugby Club treatment centre, a multi-disciplinary, multi-bed unit, treating male and female senior and junior sports players. He has taught acupuncture and massage for over 15 years, and has taught all aspects of Chinese medicine and living anatomy, practitioner development and setting up in practice at a variety of acupuncture colleges in London.  Find out more HERE.

ACMAC AGM: Sunday 12th November 2.30pm to 4.30pm. FREE.

Venue: as above.

The AGM is always a great experience and really enables the membership to help shape the future of ACMAC.  The sense of community is a real pleasure to experience and we’d highly recommend taking part if you can.

Please let us know if you would like to attend the AGM by email.

For details on becoming an ACMAC member click HERE


Tickets are now on sale! BOOK HERE.

There is an ‘early bird’ rate available until Friday 28th July 2017 so book early to make great savings!


Early Bird prices (up to 28th July 2017)

Buy a weekend ticket, including evening party for just £60 for members and students or £80 for non-members.

This is an offer not to be missed – a whole weekend of events for the price of just one day!

Regular price (after 28th July 2017)

Saturday only – £60 members/students and £80 non-members

Sunday only – £30 members/students and £40 non-members

Party – £10 for everyone

Weekend ticket (including party) – £90 members/students and £120 non-members

We are sincerely grateful to Helen and Jim at Balance Healthcare for all their help and support with administering the conference. We couldn’t do it without you. Thank you. And thank you to Peter and JCM for your continuous support and generosity.


Can’t wait until November to find out how to successfully set up a multibed clinic?

Then why not sign up to our popular online training event with Charlie Whitestone – founder and board member of ACMAC. Charlie Whitestone founded ACMAC in 2007. She has worked in various multibeds over the years, has taken a keen and geeky interest in the many different forms they can take and is passionate about seeing affordable acupuncture spread throughout all our communities.

This online course will give you the basic tools and information you need to start up your own multibed clinic. We will cover issues such as:

what’s best – working in a team or working alone, finding a good venue, marketing your clinic, how to structure your clinic sessions, ethics of multibed practice and the importance of informed consent, and much more.

The group will be kept small (max 5 attendees) and Charlie will tailor the session to the needs of each attendee.

Book early to avoid missing out!

Date: Monday 26th June 2017

Time: 7.30pm – 9.00pm

Venue: Your home computer via Skype.

Cost: ACMAC members £25; non-members £35.



Great discount for ACMAC members

We are delighted to announce that all ACMAC members will now be eligible for a massive 25% discount on courses run by Unified Acupuncture Theory.

They will be running their Foundations course on 8th-9th July in London.

This is a mathematical approach to Dr.Tan’s Balance Method using a logical visual model that explains and makes accessible meridian interactions in acupuncture.  Say goodbye to memorizing point locations, functions and indications and say hello to understanding why points are where they are and their actions on the human body.  United Acupuncture Theory Foundations Course bares new understanding to Zong Fu theory and point indications and moves meridian theory beyond empirical observation.

To find out more, including what other courses are available and how to book please click HERE

N.B. You will need a discount code to access the saving, which we will make available to all our current members.


Birmingham Community Acupuncture is holding a two-day Face reading course with Jong Baik.
Saturday & Sunday 1st & 2nd July 2017

The cost of the course is £140 for two days (ACMAC members get it for £120!)

On this course you will learn –

  • A brief history
  • Various Face Reading Styles
  • The Three Areas of the Face
  • The Thirteen Positions of the Face
  • The Twelve Palaces of the Face
  • How to integrate Face Reading into a clinical setting
  • The Eyes: Eye Reading, Eye Acupuncture
  • The Nose: Nose Reading, Celebrity Nose Case Studies, Nose Acupuncture
  • The Philtrum: Philtrum Reading, Females & Their Philtrum’s, Philtrum Acupuncture
  • Face Acupuncture: Point locations & selection, Acupuncture Techniques

For more information, including how to book please email Janet Eastwood.


Exclusive!  ACMAC members receive a discount on this amazing course being run as part of the JCM clinical mastery seminars!

The JCM clinical mastery seminars – acupuncture for acute and chronic stroke care with Claudia Citkovitz, June 17/18 2017, Brighton England

Drawing on her recent PhD research and over a decade of in-hospital teaching experience, Dr. Citkovitz demystifies the potentially intimidating interface between East Asian and Western medical diagnosis and treatment. Practitioners will learn to use a manual for systematically assessing and prioritising the multiple overlapping patterns of disharmony that commonly present in acute and chronic stroke care. Developed for both research and clinical work, the manual provides for practitioner discretion, within an evidence-informed structure that allows acupuncturists to provide a consistent, cohesive and personally appropriate plan of care.

Book by 1st April 2017 for the early bird price of £180 and receive a further £10 discount with your ACMAC membership.  Tickets after this date are £200, reduced to £185 for ACMAC members.

For more information, including how to book visit HERE.


A belated Gong Xi Fa Cai to all our members, supporters and friends!

Wow wasn’t 2016 a ride and a half?  I think we might have all had enough of ‘monkeying around’ and can now give a collective sigh of relief that the Yin Fire Rooster has finally arrived!  But what will this year bring?

According to the Western School of Feng Shui:

“The rooster is picky and critical, so the Rooster year is a finicky one. In it, we become overly sensitive to anything that comes near to our own sphere of influence. We can transform this into a positive quality by steadfastly remaining focused locally, letting the global arena take care of itself. The “roosters” that live in those distant areas will hopefully be doing the same, so we must trust them to take care of their own “barnyards” while we husband ours. There is certainly more than enough work to do to feed our own communities. Start scratching the rich ground for resources and peck away at local problems” (

It can certainly feel like there is so much in the world that needs our attention that we become overwhelmed by our inability to make a difference and end up doing nothing. But what we can do, like our friend the rooster, is focus on carrying out everyday small acts of kindness for the people around us – our friends, family, patients and wider community and trust that collectively we can make the world a better place.


2017 membership renewals

Thank you so much to everyone who has paid their fees for 2017 on time.  We’ve had a great response to our renewals notifications, with 80% of memberships renewed either by standing order or bank transfer.

If you have yet to pay your fees we will shortly be contacting you for the last time.

In the past we’ve continued to chase payments throughout the year but as you can imagine we just don’t have the resource to do so.  Please do pay as promptly and help us build on the good work we’ve achieved so far.

If we don’t hear anything by the end of March we will assume you no longer wish to be a member of ACMAC.


New ACMAC website coming soon!

We are proud to announce that in 2017 we will be relaunching our website with lots of new features and content. The site will have a ‘members only area’ that once logged into will give members access to lots of exclusive content.

Our vision for the new website is to provide a platform that will support ACMAC and its members in their efforts to thrive. We hope that it will help us take community acupuncture even further than we already have and open up opportunities for us to engage with a much wider audience.

We are keen for you to have an input into the development of the new website and welcome any suggestions you have in how we can use it to better support you and your clinics. If you have any suggestions please let us know by email

We will keep you posted with any updates as and when we have them.


Taichi shibashi qigong course now available to download

If you have learned the taichi shibashi qigong form with Peter Deadman – or are interested in it – he has created a course which is now available online for a small fee.

download HERE

Although listed at £15, if you enter the coupon code Q1G0NG (letter Q, number 1, letter G, number 0, Letters N and G) the price should drop to £10 – the lowest price Udemy allows. (Click ‘Have a coupon’ below the ‘Buy now’ button).

You can actually view the introduction and the video of the complete form for free so that might be enough for your needs. The other 20-odd videos go into detail about a whole range of general and specific aspects of the practice.

This is such a great way to improve your qi work and so easy to access and practice.


Save the date – 2017 ACMAC conference

ACMAC Conference 2017 planning is now underway.  Feedback from last year is helping us shape this year’s event. The date for this year’s conference will be Saturday 11th – Sunday 12th November 2017 and will be held at the Jury’s Inn in Brighton.

Feedback from last year’s event told us that:

-The two-day structure was a hit-

-We crammed a little bit too much in to the weekend last year – this year we’ll have fewer speakers but go into greater detail with each one-

-Practical sessions are hugely enjoyable-

-The Saturday night get together was great fun!-

We’ve considered the benefit of moving venues this year as we know some of you have to travel great distances to make it to Brighton.  However, as the event organisers all live locally, basing it in Brighton means we can keep considerably keep costs down.

So, get the date in your diary and spread the word – it’s going to be a good one!


The last word… Radio 2 fans may have caught Carolyn Hoskinson on the Chris Evans breakfast show a couple of weeks ago talking about acupuncture.  Carolyn is a GP and acupuncturist who is hoping to set up a multibed clinic in Eastbourne. She only had a few minutes to talk but you can catch up on the BBC iplayer and listen from 2hrs.12mins onwards.  Chris Evans is a big fan!


Happy New Year to all our friends, supporters and members.

Here at ACMAC we’re looking forward to leaving the turbulence of 2016 behind us but also building on some the great things that actually happened last year (yes there are some – #goodthingsin2016).

After last year’s conference the board have committed to raising the profile of ACMAC – working collaboratively with the BAcC to increase the numbers of patients coming into your clinics and increasing the membership by getting into colleges across the country to talk about the multibed movement and how ACMAC can support new practitioners.

We also intend to get our website updated and we’d love to have your input on ways in which you think it could be improved.  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE email us to share your thoughts – it will make it much easier for our amazing volunteers to get the job done.


Membership renewals

It’s that time of year again – membership renewals are due by 31st January 2017.  All current members and supporters were sent an email at the start of the month confirming their ongoing standing order payment or requesting payment by paypal/transfer/cheque of the full amount.

It’s much easier for us if you pay by standing order so if you haven’t done so previously why not set one up from this month.

The fees remain the same for this year – we continue to operate a sliding scale of £60-£180 (£50 for student members) and ask that you pay as much as you can reasonably afford on that scale.

We also kindly ask that you pay as promptly as you can as it costs us a great deal of administrative work chasing up late payments.

If you have any questions or concerns about payment please email us.

Details of how to pay can be found HERE.


Weekend workshop: Saturday 12.15-6.15pm & Sunday 9.30-4.30pm.

This is an opportunity to learn an elegant and powerful 18-sequence qigong (chi gong) form that has its origin in the flowing movements of tai chi. Known as taichi qigong shibashi, it is a wonderful daily practice, taking around fifteen minutes to perform, and can be learned in a weekend. Qigong – traditional Chinese body-mind-breath training – is designed to calm and centre the mind, deepen the breath, and train the body by cultivating rootedness, balance, flexibility and strength. Peter is an experienced qigong teacher known for carefully explaining the essence and structure of each movement. After the workshop, all participants will get access to a video of the full form as an aid to practice. Open to beginners as well as those with experience of qigong or tai chi. Book HERE.


2016 ACMAC Conference a great success!

The dust has settled, friends have made the long journeys home and ACMAC is re-energised – what a fantastic weekend was had by all!

First and foremost we would like to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who dontated their time and energy to the event.  In particular to Helen and Jim and Balance Healthcare who helped to run bookings and donated some wonderful prizes to the raffle, and also to Peter Deadman, who was as ever so generous with his time and knowledge.  Thanks to all our speakers – Jenny Craig, Graeme McCracken, Kevin Young and Paul Blacker, as well as Tom and Sam who played the most awesome music at Saturday’s party.  It was also great to have Paul Hitchcock and Ian Stones come along from the BAcC.

And finally to everyone who attended – your commitment and energy to our movement is really valued – long may it continue over the coming years.

So what happened….?

Kevin Young talked with great passion and expertise about the importance of properly assessing musculo-skeletal injuries. We don’t have a lot of time in our multibeds but some simple quick tests will tell you where an issue is originating.  Just looking at how your patient walks over to the couch will give you a clue as to where the problem is.  We could have listened to Kevin talk on this subject for the whole day! If you want to learn more Kevin runs CPD events at CICM and elsewhere.  You can find out more HERE.

Jenny Craig made an epic journey from the wilds of Scotland to tell us about MoxAfrica and people were most excited to see her demonstrate the style of moxibusion used to combat TB in Africa, and more recently in North Korea.  The results of their work is astounding and it was wonderful to see how our practice could have such a huge impact on the immune system.  We are delighted to have raised £125 from the raffle for this worthy cause.  You can find out more HERE and donate money via mydonate.

Graeme McCracken shared with us his vision of acupuncture for the community and a community for acupuncturists.  He sees a crisis in acupuncture where patients can’t afford to access acupuncture and acupuncturists can’t afford to provide it.  The Source Point model is the solution they have developed – providing a sustainable living for practitioners and affordable treatment for patients but also adding value such as in-built second opinions, regular treatment reviews, supported and agreed diagnosis and treatment plans, weekly clinic meetings.  Most multibeds mirror the private practice model but you can build in just some of these ideas and improve your working experience.  To find out more about Source Point Community Acupuncture visit HERE.

Peter Deadman spoke about his book on Saturday and led a wonderful Qi Gong session on Sunday.  It was so reaffirming to hear the value of Chinese dietary and lifestyle wisdom – inspirational both in terms of our own health and the advice we give our patients.  Live long and live well with good diet, good exercise, good sleep and good emotional well-being!  You can buy Peter’s book at JCM.

Paul Blacker spoke from a hugely personal point of view and helped us understand the differences between people suffering with anxiety and depression.  We really got to grips with the physiological developments within this disorder then took a practical approach to treating it with the APPA ear acupuncture protocol (as well as a few extra points for good measure).

PLUS… we were all transported to another world during the gong meditation, got up and about chatting and learning during the open space session and had a brilliant knees up in the evening with the most wonderful food, music and company.

Hello and goodbye to members of the ACMAC team.

We say a fond farewell to Tom Hirons who has stepped down as an ACMAC Board member.  Thank you for all your contribution over the years and hopefully we’ll see you soon.  During the AGM we voted for two new board members and are delighted to welcome Paul Blacker and Hannah Reade! Paul has so much experience and with far reaching connections he’ll add great value to the team.  We are also delighted to welcome Hannah who has loads of enthusiasm and multibed experience and will be joining the Board for a three month trial period.

And we say also say a fond farewell and immense thank you to Joanna Swiecka who has stepped down as our Membership Secretary.  Joanna dedicated a great deal of time voluntarily to ACMAC.  Good luck for the future!  Katy will be taking over the role for now.


We are delighted to be able to offer our members a 10% discount on all CPD workshops and seminars being run by Phillip Weeks in conjunction with ‘All About Natural Medicine’.

Philip Weeks has been a practitioner of natural medicine for the last 14 years. He encountered Tung Acupuncture after his initial training at CICM. He is considered on of the UK’s leading expert on natural medicine and nutrition and is a Master Herbalist. He is the author of ‘Make Yourself Better’ published by Singing Dragon.

For more information please visit HERE

For all bookings please email (including your ACMAC membership number.  Please note that bookings made directly through the website will not receive the discount)



Source Point Community Acupuncture are looking for an acupuncturist to join their team. More information can be found HERE.


We are delighted to announce that the CPD Group are now offering 10% off all their training courses to ACMAC members.  From first aid training, setting up in practice, to treating addictions with acupuncture The CPD Group offer a fantastic range of training opportunities to enhance your practice.  To access your exclusive 10% discount on courses with the CPD Group enter ‘ACMAC2016’ into the ‘enter promotional code’ link’ above the green ‘order now’ box on the website. To find out more please visit their website at


Membership Survey

38 (approximately 55%) clinics responded to the survey and gave us some great information to take forward as an organisation.

We found out:

the majority of clinics have some spare capacity to take on more patients

about half of clinics would be happy to offer free treatments to refugees

almost all clinics were interested in being referred patients for research purposes

What we’re going to do now:

compile a list of clinics happy to offer some level of support to refugees and share this information with select refugee support groups

put together an information sheet on what we can offer researchers and share with the relevant bodies who can move this forward

Thanks once again for helping us to get this work done – community rocks!



Opportunity to open a clinic near you.

Source Point is looking for acupuncturists or groups of acupuncturists in the South West of England who would be interested in opening a multibed clinic. We would like to start discussions to see if it it is possible to open other clinics based on the Source Point model or as part of the Source Point Co-op. Ideally at least one of you would have over 10 years experience in clinical practice.

Please contact Graeme on 07792830016 or for information.


Acknowledgment and Gratitude of the Source as the Balance Method Flows On.  By Delphine Armand

It is impossible to mention the Balance Method without recalling the Great Master who devoted his life to put effective acupuncture within reach of practitioners worldwide.

Dr. Richard Tehfu Tan’s contribution to the acupuncture community will remain monumental and priceless well into the future. Not only did he compile thousands of years of acupuncture history into three simple steps, but he also changed the industry’s perception about acupuncture. In three decades of intensive research, practice, and teaching, he proved to thousands of practitioners that anyone could achieve instant results by following a logical thinking process and without needling the affected area. With ingenuity, creativity, and humor, he made acupuncture into a true art, and a fun one at that!

It is a grand understatement to say that Dr. Tan changed countless people’s lives. For acupuncturists, accurate application of his teachings became a guarantee of a successful and busy practice. He rekindled the passion of numerous practitioners who had almost given up on previous impenetrable concepts and consequent uncertain and unpredictable results. Dr. Tan’s students learned to enjoy their work, be proud of their successes, and feel confident about earning a solid living. Through sharing of his wisdom, Dr. Tan inspired us to add flexibility, acceptance, and love in our lives. His mission was to talk to our minds while also speaking to our hearts, thereby guiding us to become happier people and more creative therapists.

Together with his other two closest apprentices – Eileen Han and Paul Wang – I was blessed to spend almost a decade by the side of such a genuine, genius, charismatic, and big-hearted man. Over many years shared in his clinic, seminars, airplanes, restaurants, and hotels, Dr. Tan prepared Eileen, Paul and me as a team to someday take over his task. He was too generous to let his method extinguish with him, yet he knew his mission couldn’t be left in the hands of inexperienced or incompletely trained apprentices. With humble gratitude, we accepted this mission and comprised Si Yuan, which in Chinese means “thinking of the source”.

Our mission is to:

Faithfully transmit the Balance Method the way we learned and practiced it with our Master

Dedicate to the expansion of effective acupuncture practice through high-quality trainings worldwide

Always stay true to the life essence of their Master in humble gratitude, devotion, and loyalty

The Si Yuan team is honored to continue Dr. Tan’s support to community acupuncture practitioners through ongoing classes. A 5% discount is granted to all active ACMAC members registering for the full seminar in London, Auckland, and Brisbane. Information and registrations on


If you’re interested in growing your community clinic business to check out ‘Big Venture Challenge’ at  Big Venture Challenge supports ambitious social entrepreneurs with access to finance, business support and powerful connections to help them scale their ventures. £20,000 of grant funding is available for organisations who raise external risk capital of at least this amount.


ACMAC at the Houses of Parliament

In our last newsletter we mentioned that our newest board member Paige White was going to be travelling to London to represent ACMAC at a parliamentary reception to celebrate 20 years of the BAcC.

Paige said: “the parliamentary reception was very interesting and enjoyable.  I was able to speak briefly about ACMAC and explain how we are ideally placed to help further research into acupuncture outcomes.

I was approached afterwards by a few researchers, notably Professor George Lewith, Nicola Robinson, Mark Bovey and Song Xuan Ke, who were all eager to connect with ACMAC members and work together.

I also spoke at length with David Treddnick MP who was very interested in hearing about ACMAC. I directed them to look at the website to find participating clinics.  There was much enthusiasm and support for accessible acupuncture.

I was very glad to have had the opportunity to be there.  Nick Pahl also mentioned multibeds as a very innovative way to provide treatment in his speech.  And he was very supportive  towards ACMAC mentioning my comment earlier as he summed up some of the ways forward in both acupuncture provision and research.  All in all a very enjoyable and inspiring evening!!”

We are so excited about what this could mean for our members.  The next step is for us to start putting together a report for these key individuals so that they can see what we have to offer.  We’ll be getting in touch with all member clinics shortly to ask for some details about your clinics to include in the report.

When the time comes please do take the opportunity to respond to our request for information.  This presents a real opportunity to increase patient numbers and spread the word about affordable acupuncture in the scientific and wider community as a whole.

Refugees Welcome Here

Earlier this month ACMAC were contacted by a group of women in North Wales seeking support from the wider community to help some of the refugees who are being resettled in the UK.  Kim Guillot wanted to know if there was anything ACMAC could provide.

Our first thought was to ask you, our members, what you might like to do to help.  For example, would any of you be interested in donating free treatments to refugees in your area?

If you’re interested in offering something then please email with details of what you could do.

The last word….

Our other newest board member Barney Clarkson has been doing an amazing job of raising our profile on Facebook.  If you haven’t done so already, please take a moment to ‘like’ our page and also start liking each other’s pages too!

We are also on twitter – follow us here!

2015 practitioner development workshop and AGM a great success!

We are delighted to share the success of our recent ACMAC event with all our members.
The energy and commitment was palpable throughout the day and we on the ACMAC team, as well as the participants, have come away feeling energised and positive about the future of the organisation and the community and multibed movement.
We ran three separate practitioner development workshops during the morning – a guide to setting up in practice with Charlie, Tom and Katy; guidance on running a successful organisation with Nate; and a two-part session on clinical systems and best practice for multibeds with Graeme and Tom from Sourcepoint Community Acupuncture in Devon.
We had a number of people who were either just setting up a clinic, thinking about setting up a clinic and some who were new to acupuncture full stop so it was great to share the knowledgde we’ve accumulated between us to help them on their way.  The experience re-inspired us to get out there into the colleges and share the passion we have about multibed acupuncture with future practitioners.  Our wonderful board member Charlotte Johnston will be kicking this off before she goes on maternity leave.  If you’re interested in getting involved in delivering some training in a college near you then get in touch with us at
The workshop run by the team at Sourcepoint was hugely popular.  It was so inspiring to see a project so committed not only to making acupuncture accessible for the whole community, but also the effort they have put into providing the practitioners with a stable and fair income.  Let’s face it – many of us are working for not a great deal of money and it’s stressful not knowing how much money is going to come in from one week to the next.  How wonderful to see the progress they have made in this area (with a huge amount of hard work we might add!).  To find out more visit them at

And as ever Nate Whitestone’s advice on making your team, systems and processes work more effectively is invaluable.  Nate will be delivering more training in 2016 – watch this space for more about these.

We were delighted to offer raffle prizes including a year’s subscription to JCM, an annual ACM membership, t-shirts, books and the ‘Acupuncture Man’, won by Chris Pomfrett from York Community Acupuncture, which was generously donated by Balance Healthcare Ltd.

We raised £92 from the raffle and decided on the day to donate the money to Moxafrica.  Merlin Young, who sits on the board of trustees said:
“Thank you SO much for thinking of us. I’m happy to say that Moxafrica is indeed alive and well and would be extremely grateful for any donation from the wonderful patients and practitioners involved in ACMAC”.

You can find out more about the charity at and  find out more about their TB activism on their facebook page.

Who’d have thought that an AGM could be so much fun to be part of – but yes here at ACMAC we make it happen!

Once we’d signed off the accounts and updated ourselves on the membership figures we moved onto an exciting discussion about our strategy, direction and vision for the future.
The big questions we asked the group were:
Are you happy with what we’re doing?
Or should we call it a day?
What else would you like us to do?
How can we do it?
With the help of some great facilitation thanks to Nate, we received a resounding thumbs up from the group about what we do – which was the validation we needed to drive forward the conversation about the future of ACMAC.
But everyone also saw the potential for us to do more – to have more of an online presence, to promote clinics so that you might benefit from more patients coming through your doors (and who doesn’t want that!), to get training events into colleges and to do more online training courses for members.
And we’d love to give you more but we can’t do it without either more energy from volunteers or more money so we can pay staff.  After eight years of trying to run ACMAC as a co-operative venture run by a pool of volunteers working together for the greater good, we’re now clear that that energy just isn’t out there – it seems everyone is just too busy.
Some ideas that were shared about how to raise more money included: donation boxes in clinics, structured contributions from patients, clinics grouping together to fund promotional material, crowd funding, research funding, changing the sliding scale of ACMAC membership and increasing the ACMAC membership fees.
The group of members at the AGM were happy with the idea of paying more to get more, and in particular to ensure we can start paying staff who do essential jobs for the organisation.
The next step is for the board to meet in December and make a decision about funding.
If you couldn’t attend the AGM and you want to contribute to our decision making process PLEASE EMAIL US! we’d love to hear from you.  Email before 12th December to have your say.

Welcome Barney & Paige to the ACMAC Board!

As you can see from the picture above we are delighted to welcome two new board members – Barney Clarkson and Paige White (pictured here with Charlie, Nate, Peter and Katy – Tom not shown).  Barney, from Suffolk Community Acupuncture has already completely energised our facebook presence with his hard work and dedication to the cause.  Paige has set up and run several multibeds in Lincoln and has started off her ACMAC career by representing us at the BAcC 20 year anniversary celebration at the Houses of Parliament.  We can’t wait to hear all about it in the next newsletter!

The last word….

JCM magazine has a (free online) article on a different approach to multibeds in Israel.  You can read it here!

Volunteers needed to work in Nepal Doctors based in two hospitals in Nepal are looking for  volunteer acupuncturists or Chinese herbal medicine practitioners to help in the current crisis following the recent earthquake. There are currently two ICOM graduates working out there and they are hoping to find some more brave and capable souls to join them. There is little or no pay and you would need to make your own way there – but food and accommodation would be provided. To find out more please contact Deborah Woolf at

Exciting collaboration between ACMAC and NADA-UK

NADA-UK would like to offer ACMAC Clinics who are offering NADA Protocol treatments the opportunity to be listed on their new Community Practitioners page.  NADA-UK regularly receive enquiries from people asking where they can receive treatment in the community.  At the moment they give details of independent acupuncturists who have trained with them and remain members, but it is not always possible to find practitioners in the right location.   NADA-UK feel that ACMAC Clinics would be a great extra partnership as many include NADA treatments in their clinical offerings. If you would like to be included on the NADA-UK website, please contact Caroline Simon at with the following details:

Location of your Clinic
Name and Address of Clinic
Website address
Contact Names (optional)
Contact Number
Days the clinic runs (or days you offer NADA treatments if you run a specific NADA clinic)
Cost of NADA Treatments This promises to be a fruitful collaboration with a very well-respected organisation. So sign up now!

Check out this film

Belfast Community Acupuncture have had a short film made about them, their clinic and two of their patients’ experiences. Check it out HERE.

ACMAC members receive discount at all ‘Acupuncture CPD’ seminars in Brighton, UK

ACMAC is delighted to be co-operating with Acupuncture CPD, a not-for-profit group which runs seminars in Brighton, UK. They have a wide variety of well-respected teachers delivering high-quality CPD, at affordable rates (when prices for such seminars seem always to be on the rise). ACMAC members receive a discount on EVERY seminar! Their new schedule for 2015 is now released and their prices are the same as 2013. Non-ACMAC members: Full weekend £120, one day £60; half day £30 ACMAC members: Full weekend £110, one day £55, half day £27.50. The brand new schedule for 2015 is now released. For more details, click HERE

New Research in our Library

You will, no doubt, be interested in a piece of research has recently been published that assesses patients’ experiences of receiving acupuncture at Working Class Acupuncture Clinics in Portland, OR, USA. CLICK HERE to read. It has a very similar structure to research that Charlotte Whitestone did in 2006, looking at patients’ experiences at the Dragon Acupuncture Project in Brighton, UK. You can read that, and lots of other research and articles in our Library.

Web solutions by a multibedder, for you – with ACMAC discount!

Yin Yang Hosting is an affordable web solutions enterprise created for the acupuncture community by passionate multi-bed practitioner Sam May (fellow ACMAC and BAcC Member, based at The Natural Health Clinic, Bristol UK), offering a complete range of web services to take care of all your needs – domain name registration/transfers, web hosting, website design and management, and internet marketing. Sam is offering a 15% DISCOUNT for ACMAC Members on web hosting, design and management services (membership verification required). For more details please contact Sam or check out the YinYang website: Email: Phone: 0117 230 8844 Mobile: 07733 154 419

Look no further for pukka hand-made clinic screens…

A message from Jeremy Marshall, of Lewes Community Acupuncture: Whilst co-running Lewes Community Acupuncture over the past few years, I have watched our poorly made, mass produced Japanese shoji screens slowly fall apart and need repair. In answer to this I began to design and make my own screens, and have now created a beautiful 3 panel folding screen. These pine screens are handmade, very sturdy, and can handle the constant packing up and down that comes with multibed use. The material is double stitched for strength, and lets enough light through to maintain the  natural light in the room, yet provides a sense of intimacy and personal space around each couch. They sell for £155 each to non-ACMAC members, or £145 to ACMAC members, and various delivery options are available. Contact me for details. I also have a couple of other designs in the pipeline, including a properly made Japanese shoji screen. The idea with these screens is to provide a quality product that will last for a long time and not need repair or replacing in a few years time. I have also been busy repairing couches for various clinics over the past few years and would like to offer ACMAC members this service as well. Often when we set up multibed clinics and buy several couches, cost is the only consideration. Most however, are poorly designed and constructed (often in China!) and can’t really handle the constant setting up and down required in our clinics. So if you have any broken couches, please send me a photo and I may be able to fix it: it may be cheaper than having to buy a new couch. Necessity is indeed the mother of invention! You can contact Jeremy Marshall at or on 07929742243.

ACMAC is on Facebook, with lots of news and photos. Have a look! Please ‘like’ our page and spread the word to your friends.