The clinic is really spacious and the atmosphere is warm – I have never felt uncomfortable about my privacy which is somehow protected – I think by the screens between beds and the careful way in which I and other patients are talked to a the start of each session of treatment. The low cost makes this treatment possible for me. — Acupuncture Patient, Brighton, UK

London N16: The Bright Room

Address of clinic:

The Old Fire station (2nd floor hall)
61 Leswin Road
Stoke Newington
N16 7NX

Telephone: 07711 955411 / 07817 285137 / 07522 102221



Appointment system: Online booking system by phone or drop-in

Practitioner: Andrew Nuttall, Sam Ma, Sara Rajadel

Charge for first appointment / consultation: £15-£40 full body acupuncture and £5 ear acupuncture only

Charge for follow-up appointments: £15-£40 full body acupuncture and £5 ear acupuncture only

Opening times: Tuesdays 4-8pm, Thursdays 2-8pm and Saturdays 9-2pm

Treatments offered: Full body acupuncture, Ear / NADA acupuncture, Moxibustion and Cupping