One thing I do get from the clinic, which I think is really important, is a sense of community, which is why I like going and which I don’t think you get anywhere else, and I think people are really lacking that in this day and age. Even if you don’t know people you see the same faces every week. And it’s across the ages too, it’s not just young people or old people, there’s a complete mix. I think that’s really essential. — Acupuncture Patient, Brighton, UK

Greater Manchester – Manchester: The Acupuncture Works

Address of clinic:

The Clinic
Birley Fields Campus, Manchester Metropolitan University
53 Bonsall Street
M15 6GX

Telephone: 07590 903714


Website address:

Practitioner: Annie Walker

Appointment system: booked appointments

Charge for first appointment / consultation: Sliding scale £30 – £45

Charge for follow-up appointments: Sliding scale £15 – £25

Treatments offered: Full-body acupuncture, Ear/NADA acupuncture